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This domain is excellent for any Business with its SHORT, BRAND-ABLE and EASY TO REMEMBER name.


MIZU.com = $90,000
AHHA.com = $112,000
TTGI.COM = $14,500
GHSS.COM = $7,500

As you can see 4-letter dot com domain has a huge value.

Owning a DOT COM is like owning a real state in the most expensive area of the city.

What makes this a great buy?

- 4-Letter DOT COM
- Can have increase resale value
- Aged Domain
- SEO experts search for Aged domains like this
- Aged domains have established incoming back-links, authority and indexed pages.
- Often times, when you build sites using aged domains, traffic can build quickly because of its authority.

This short domain name is easy to spell and easy to remember. You could easily convert this into a recognizable brand and long lasting business name.

SEO experts search for aged domains when building niche websites for a valuable jump start in SERP placement. Many aged domains already have established incoming back-links, indexed pages and authority.

For this reason, when good aged domain names drop there are literally hundreds of SEO experts competing to be the first to register the domain name just seconds after it drops.

Creation Date: 13-July-2007

Google Aged Domains:

As you can see this domain is aged and Google has been visiting it for years, so they already have online trust and will index very quickly. Any SEO marketing techniques you use will be picked up almost instantaneously by all three major search engines. This aged domain name will give your websites a vital boost in marketing.

Good Luck with this business opportunity.


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